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44 PED: Personal and Educational Program

Mentor and Role Model Spending Time with the Youth

The 44 Personal and Educational Development Program (44PED) embodies our steadfast dedication to unlocking the potential inherent in youth of the Syracuse City School District with a targeted focus on incoming academically challenged ninth graders. Rooted in a commitment to nurturing holistic growth, 44PED programming is dedicated to instilling vital qualities such as leadership, teamwork, personal responsibility, accountability, and a profound sense of purpose in our emerging leaders. Through a comprehensive approach, 44PED serves as a catalyst for the transformation of select students, by endowing them with indispensable life skills, fostering resilience to surmount challenges, instilling a strong sense of responsibility and accountability, elevating academic performance, promoting active in-school engagement, reducing absenteeism, and minimizing the necessity for credit recovery. Ultimately, 44PED is designed to pave the way for the success of some of our most challenged students as they embark on their journey in high school and towards a promising future.

44PED adopts a holistic three-prong approach, strategically addressing the academic, emotional, and social skills of our students. Commencing in May 2024 and concluding in June 2025, this comprehensive initiative is designed to provide a transformative educational experience. By integrating targeted interventions that enhance academic performance, nurture emotional well-being, and foster social skills, 44PED aims to empower our students for success both within and beyond the classroom. This structured timeline ensures a dedicated focus on each facet of our students' development, setting the stage for a well-rounded and enriched educational journey.

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44 PEEP: Parent Educational Empowerment Program

The 44 Parent’s Educational Empowerment Program (44PEEP) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at empowering parents through education on the value and significance of active involvement in their child’s education as well as investing in their own knowledge and commitment to self-development. Our program focuses on enhancing the economic, educational, and emotional well-being of parents with children in the school system. We achieve this through a range of workshops, motivational and inspirational interactive presentations, and immersive experiences that ignite their imaginations and foster a belief in their ability to achieve more.

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Little Sisters Believers Retreat

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The Little Sisters Believers Retreat is an annual weekend getaway held every July, specifically designed for young female students aged 14-15 who are about to enter 9th grade. This transformative retreat aims to impart a wide range of empowering life skills, covering personal, emotional, educational, and social aspects. The weekend is filled with interactive activities that engage students in thought-provoking discussions and practical exercises, all aimed at enhancing their personal, academic, and social knowledge and well-being.

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The Legacy of Legends (LOL) program offers diverse opportunities for the widows of Pro Football Hall of Famers to celebrate and perpetuate the lives and legacies of their legendary husbands. Through candid and often humorous storytelling, these widows bring to life the enduring legacy of the NFL's greatest players. Audiences across the USA gain valuable insights into the experiences of NFL greats, both on and off the field, before, during, and after each play. The program fosters an ongoing connection and collaboration among widows, PFHOF organizations, and NFL entities, including the NFL Players Association and NFL Alumni Association. It emphasizes that the significance of these women remains steadfast, transcending the physical absence of their legendary husbands. By actively staying engaged, widows play a vital role in bridging the gap and ensuring the enduring impact of their husbands' legacies.

Legacy of Our Legends