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Foundation 44

Inspiring Minds and Changing Lives by empowering the underserved to achieve

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The Legacy of Floyd Little

At Foundation 44, our mission is to forge a brighter future for the underserved. We empower young people and their families, sparking transformative shifts in mindset and motivating them to enhance their lives.

Join us in making a difference by contributing to our cause and helping us create positive change in more lives.

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Committing oneself to excellence is a pledge to strive for the highest standards in every endeavor. Embrace the challenge of continuous improvement, setting ambitious goals, and dedicating the necessary effort to achieve them.

Pillars of Foundation 44



Wholeheartedly dedicate yourself to the virtue of perseverance. In the face of challenges and adversity, commit to maintaining a steadfast and resilient spirit. Embrace the journey ahead with dedication and unwavering resolve.


Be ready to make sacrifices toward your goals, understanding that achieving meaningful success often requires dedication and commitment. Recognize that sacrifices may involve giving up short-term pleasures for long-term gains and embracing a disciplined approach to reach your objectives.



Be determined, unwavering in your commitment to never give up. Even in moments of doubt or when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, draw strength from your inner resolve. Understand that success is not always immediate.

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About Floyd Little

“The only thing I had was a dream.”

The NFL community, fans, family and friends loved Floyd Little because of who he was and most importantly HOW he was. He was a man of character and integrity and always kept his promise. His promise to Ernie Davis catapulted him to a record-breaking career with Syracuse University as the starting running back, then later as “The Franchise” player for the Denver Broncos.

He was committed to excellence in everything he did; whether it was running into the endzone to score a touchdown or being an award-winning business man or supporting his family through love and example, he always strove to be the best at everything he did.

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Mentor and Role Model Spending Time with the Youth

44 PED: Personal and Educational Program

44 PED aims to improve student engagement and academic achievement through fostering a supportive and nurturing approach to education.

Our Programs

Graduation Concept
Happy student hugging his parents and celebrating his graduation
Set goals for this

44 PEEP: Parent Educational Empowerment Program

little sisters believers retreat

44 PEEP strives to change the mindset of students families in order to empower their children to achieve academic improvement.

LSBR is a weekend long workshop where young women gather to support each other in setting and achieving their personal and professional goals.

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Legacy of our legends

Legacy of Our Legends is dedicated to honoring the memory and continuing the legacy of NFL Hall of Famers through the eyes of their widows.

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Your unwavering support has been the cornerstone of our mission. Whether you've donated your time, resources, or expertise, you've played a crucial role in making a positive impact on the lives we touch.

Our organization thrives because of your commitment, and we are deeply thankful for your contributions.